Being of Two Minds

Life is relationships. And not just with other living human beings. We relate to, or have a relationship, with everything we come into contact with physically, mentally and emotionally. Right now I am in a relationship with my chair, my keyboard, my screen, but also with my thoughts on what I’m writing, with all the potential readers (still in my mind at this point), with the feelings stirred up by those thoughts or perhaps by the cold air that has wafted in through the open window. But perhaps I’m not being fully honest. The “I” that I generally identify with, this ego, this logical, sequential, rational thinking part of me isn’t in relationship with all of this, for it can only relate to one thing at a time. But my body-self is. It is the utmost ‘relater’. That other feely, gutsy, emoty, symbolic, pre-conceptual mass of being in the right-here-right-now with ALL that is, is in the process of relating to it all. That body-self is my cache of all I am, all I’ve been, all I’ve related to.

When we talk of uniting body and mind, we become a bit confused with what-is-what and what is separated from what. My mind is not only my rational, one-information-bit-at-a-time, sequential and logical mind, it is also made up of that embodied-mind that thinks holistically, binds enfoldingly, connects and maps broadly throughout my vast field of relating experience.

Perhaps all body-mind work is getting these two minds talking again. For the body-mind is already relating to my conceptual-mind, but my conceptual mind needs to focus on the body-mind to come into the relationship and acknowledge it… and perhaps learn. Let us reintegrate ourselves, our minds. Let us not be of two minds, but of one.